Another Preventable Shooting at 32 Hundred Lenox Apartments

Apartment building

Atlanta Police are investigating a shooting that injured two people on the evening of Tuesday, May 2nd. The shooting took place at an apartment complex called 32 Hundred Lenox located at 3200 Lenox Rd — not too far from Lenox Square Mall.

APD responded to the shooting at 8:21 p.m. and found two people shot at the Buckhead apartments. Authorities said that both were alert, conscious, and breathing before being rushed to the hospital.

APDs Aggravated Assault Unit is currently working to determine the circumstances around the incident. The identities of the victims have not been released at this time.

This story is all too common with certain Atlanta apartment complexes. This double shooting comes just three months after a triple shooting that occurred at the very same apartment complex. In the prior shooting, the victims were a father and his 12-year-old son.

Atlanta lawyer Bradley Pratt had this to say: “Georgia law requires apartment complexes to take reasonable steps to protect their residents from crime. When repeated shootings occur at a complex, and the complex has failed to take steps to secure safety, the complex owner and manager might be legally responsible to the victims. It is unacceptable that 32 Hundred Lenox failed its residents so severely here. How many more people need to be shot before they take action that the law requires?”

Atlanta officials have included 32 Hundred Lenox Apartments along with 53 other residential areas in their list of Dangerous Dwellings to crack down on negligent landlords. Pratt added, “Credit to APD and the City of Atlanta for investigating these ‘problem property owners’ and holding them accountable. Unfortunately, they will not change their behavior on their own. It takes City enforcement and private lawsuits to change our city to make it safer for all citizens.”

Author: Bayuk Pratt LLC

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