Road Rage Chase Between Two Trucks Leads to Gunfire

trucks on highway

Florida man was arrested in Gordon County, Ga after shooting at another truck driver during a road rage chase.

The incident occurred on June 10th and began at the Georgia/Tennessee state line on I-75.

Witnesses told police that one truck attempted to run the other off the road.

The trucks chased each other through Whitfield County into Gordan County, when one of the drivers shot at the cab (or front interior) of the other truck. The flying shards of glass truck the driver, causing injury to the victim.

The driver managed to call 911 and followed the shooter into Bartow County.

State Troopers pulled over 25- year-old Nasha Jeuel Johnson, as the shooter, and found the handgun used in the shooting inside the truck’s cab.

Johnson has been charged with aggravated assault, aggressive driving, and pointing a pistol at another.

“It’s disturbing how often commercial truck crashes could have been prevented by better training, better supervision, and simply following the federal regulations,” trucking lawyer, Bradley Pratt states. “Most trucking companies do a good job following the rules, but a significant minority do not.”

The victim, who hasn’t been identified, was treated at the hospital.

Author: Bayuk Pratt LLC

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