Child Sexual Abuse

Parents should be able to entrust the safety of their children to people in positions of power with peace of mind. Unfortunately, far too often, reports of molestation and sexual assault of minors by school officials, priests, camp counselors, and many others go ignored or are mishandled. Our team of experienced trial lawyers is prepared to give these young victims and their families a voice, seek monetary damages, and demand that institutions improve their response to reports of sexual violence. 

The attorneys at Bayuk Pratt have received significant awards on behalf of families and children who have been raped, sexually assaulted, molested, and abused while at school. If your child has been sexually assaulted by a teacher or another child, contact Bayuk Pratt for a free consultation. We understand how sensitive these cases are and ensure that anonymity will be maintained at all times. 

This litigation can be incredibly complex, and you want a firm with experience in successfully handling these issues to represent you and your child.  The attorneys at Bayuk Pratt have a history of repeatedly winning these complex issues in Court.

Our Results

750,000 settlement for the family of a child sexually assaulted by a paraprofessional at a public school.

Anonymous settlement for the family of a child sexually assaulted by another student at a public school