Class Actions

Often we feel that when we’re financially harmed the financial harm isn’t sizeable to merit a lawsuit, and people let it slide.  Class Actions offer a way for individuals to band together when they have suffered financial harm because of the actions of a large organization.  There’s strength in numbers and having more plaintiffs helps build a case and demand compensation for every victim. 

Due to the size and scope of class actions, they are complex and time-consuming. You need to rely upon attorneys who have the knowledge, skill set, and track record of success. Bradley Pratt used to defend multi-national corporations from Class Actions, he knows how they think, act, and defend themselves. He, and the rest of the team at Bayuk Pratt, use their insider knowledge to fight for individuals and hold organizations accountable for their wrongful activity. 

Class action cases the attorneys at Bayuk Pratt have handled include:

  • Business Fraud

  • Data breaches where personal information is exposed

  • Defective products/devices