Tractor Trailer Crashes

Attorney Bradley Pratt used to represent the world’s largest transportation company in their most serious tractor-trailer crash cases.  He was their “national core counsel,” and he taught other lawyers working for the company around the country “best practices” for defending lawsuits.  He taught seminars at the national level for lawyers focusing on trucking cases. 

Now he represents people like you:  victims of tractor-trailer crashes and their families in cases against motor carrier companies.  He takes years of experience and expertise at the highest level of representing these companies and turns it against them for your benefit.  As one trucking company executive admitted, “Bradley knows where the bodies are buried.”  

Trucking cases are different than normal motor vehicle crashes.  They require specialized expertise in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, training requirements and programs, hours of service requirements, and much more.  Bayuk Pratt lawyers know this area better than many of the companies themselves.  And we use that knowledge to win cases, and protect and take care of families.

Bayuk Pratt attorneys have used their unique experience and expertise in tractor-trailer crash cases to recover millions of dollars for victims of truck crashes.  

The injuries, pain, and suffering caused by these crashes can last a lifetime.  If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a tractor-trailer crash contact the attorneys at Bayuk Pratt for a free consultation.